Waterlily stool/side table

Water Lily stool/side table (2015)

This small furniture piece can both be used as a stool and as a side table. The small collar profile gives a direction on the round form. As a seat the collar indicates where to sit, a reminiscence of an tractor seat or a milking stool. The collar design gives you a better comfort (framing of the seat rather than a flat surface) and as a tabletop it holds items towards the sofa or bedside. At the same time, the downward collar gives a good finger grip when you have to pull the furniture towards you. 

The plate (table / seat) is made with CNC milling machine.
Number of legs can both be 1, 3 or 4 legs and possibly a metal frame with 6 mm thread. 

Designed for Danish Design Makers exhibition. Prototype made at The Danish Art Workshop and supported by Danish Arts Foundation.


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