Suitable valet stand

Suitable valet stand (2008)


Suitable is for the businessman running a hectic schedule whilst not having a lot of furniture or having a big office. The board uses minimal space when not in use and should he have to ‘burn the midnight oil’ at the office, Suitable folds out and leans up against a wall. It is now possible to hang his suit, shirt, shoes or suitcase together with other small items from his pockets. The board can also functions as a wardrobe for the extra suit at the office, should he not be able to make it home and change clothes.

There is precisely enough material for 4 Suitables on a standard size plywood sheet. By using the boards cut outs for shelves, the double function of the textile being a front cover as well as hinges, and the possible folding/stacking possibilities, support several sustainable conditions.
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