Scar chair

Scar chair (2012)

“The idea for the chair started with a desire to utilize wood discarded from production at Junckers, a company specialized in wooden flooring.
 The panels used for Junckers floor production measures 600 x 70 x 23 mm and I used them as “building blocks” for this project.
The second grade timber contained some crackles and knots, but I used these errors to give the chair character.
 The result was a stackable chair that is build by 18 panels.”
The chair design does not necessarily have to be made in the discarded wood quality from production. 

Prototype in oak wood is soap treated to give a natural look.
Prototype made by cabinetmaker Toke Ingvar Brandt Overgaard.
Designed for the exhibition Skud På Stammen.

Scar chair was selected finalist in ”Nordic Design Competition – Sustainable Chairs” in 2018.


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