Megingjörð couch

Megingjörð sofa (2010)

Rooted in a nordic simplicity and aspiring to design furniture from Scandinavian 50’s joinery sophistication, this project began with a wish to make a comfortable sofa furniture without it being as bulky or inflexible as many typical sofa types.

The base consist of a classic bench/daybed adding a moulded backframe belt which creates a backrest for the person sitting. By placing loose cushions against the frame you are able to decide for yourself the comfort, volume and style of the sofa.

The seat is made of a base frame with rounded profiles and conical legs fastened to this frame. The backrest belt and the 2 arms, fastened underneath the base frame, are made of moulded veneer. The daybed cushion is an upholstered foam mattress resting into the frame. The sofa is appealing from all angles and can be used as a room divider. 

The prototype is made in oiled oak, cushion upholstered in natural leather. Prototype made by cabinetmaker Heine Ladefoged and upholsterer Helene Jaspersen Høier. Designed for the exhibition Skud På Stammen 2010.

Loose cushions designed and made by textile designers Signe Møller Jensen, Ida Anesdatter and Jakob Bille.

Megingjörð was awarded a Honourable Mention in the 2012 Furniture Design Award organized by Singapore Furniture Industries Council. 

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