Clavicula chair

Clavicula chair (2016)

“This cabinetmakers chair is a remake of the very first chair I made as an cabinetmaker apprentice in 1999 (Ode to H.J.W.). The first chair I made by hand – at that time the CNC technology was not as developed as it is today, and I wanted to re-create the design with a more accurate result. The back rest is adjusted because the first design was too close to a Wegner´s chair. So designing a new version in 2016 I edited my previous work and made a new original back together with a few small adjustments.”

The special features of the chair are the curved legs giving it a more dynamic look. 
The new back is positioned higher and is more enveloping. The meeting between the high back and hind legs gives a good grip for the person about to sit or rise from the chair.
The new chair is carried out on a CNC milling machine, but will in a serial production most likely to be made with “masters” (molded originals used for copy milling).
The chair can still be adjusted slightly, as it is possible to lower the back or make the seat more slender.

“Technology should help us push the limits of possibilities in the material, but I still want the result to express the knowledge and quality of a craftsman.”
Clavicula is the Latin word for collarbone.

The prototype is made from soap treated oak and seat upholstered with aniline leather.
Designed for Danish Design Makers exhibition.
Prototype made at The Danish Art Workshop and supported by Danish Arts Foundation.


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