Bo bookcase/dollhouse

Bo bookcase / dollshouse (2013)

This furniture can be used as both bookcase, dollhouse or storage / display of special items. The base of the boxes on the two variants – the “villa” and the “high tower” – are the same, one is laid down, the other is raised. At the top is attached a roof with a “gutter” which can also be used for storing / stacking books.
The inside is spray painted to mark the box room, like we paint the walls of our interiors.
 The ridges on “Villa” and “Tower” are respectively stump (95°) and pointy (85°). It provides a better proportion to the boxes.
The boxes can both stand but also be wall mounted. They are without a back, making it more accessible to play with as a dollhouse. There is more light coming into the boxes and additionally two can easily play together from either side.

The prototypes are made of solid wood (soap treated ash and oil treated oak) and assembled with dovetail joints that provide an added structural strength and a clear mark of craftmanship.

Prototypes made at Danish Art Workshops.

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