Bille Chair

Bille Chair (2012)

Dining chair with padded seat and back. This armchair consists of a simple construction of iron pipes with added upholstered elements. In this way, the materials clearly emphasize the bearing (construction) and the backed (seat / back). The shape of the backrest has references to the organic backs of several cabinetmaker chairs. The minimal construction means that the seat becomes an essential part of its strength. The construction is made so that the seated can “seize” the chair when sitting down and to give a good push when you get up again. 

The metal frame of the prototype is powder coated in a brown shade and the seat / back is coated with Steelcut Trio from Kvadrat, whose alternating effect fits well with the curved shapes.

The prototype back is made of two parts padded and assembled around the frame. In production, the back can either be foamed around the frame or be made in two parts (for example, padded plywood).

Prototype made at Danish Art Workshops.


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